Sins of the Flesh

#87 Forbidden - 100 Drabbles of Summer

“I don’t know why you insist on saying ‘no’.” I touched my tongue briefly on the tips of my fingers then ran them lightly along the nape of the young priest’s neck. When he didn’t attempt to strike me or move away, I brought my lips to his ear. “It’ll be fun, an adventure, you’ll like it. I promise.”

“This is wrong, Mr. Gray. I pray you cease this behavior and ask God for forgiveness,” he managed to spit out, jerking away from me. His face was a lovely shade of scarlet.

“Your God should be asking me for mine.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
Dangerous Liasons

The Rumours of My Death

Character: Dorian Gray
Fandom: the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Movie
Prompt: You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.a_muse_meme
Word Count: 462
Work Safe
Setting: sometime during the 1960s

Rose and frankincense filled the air. There were few flowers decorating the chapel and even fewer mourners on their knees in the pews. I felt a moment’s trepidation as I crossed into the supposed sanctuary, but if your body could be on display here without bursting into flames, I should be acceptable to the All Mighty.

I strolled down the center aisle, my cane occasionally tapping on the floor, its sharp crack echoing through the silence. One of mourners turned to glare at me. I looked for a resemblance between you and this old woman, but I couldn’t see one. Your womb had been barren no children for you or your poor dead husband. I thought perhaps that they’d been hired to sob for you, but that look told me that this one had cared for you my dearest, Mina.

Your coffin was open, now that was a surprise. One would have thought your ancient corpse would have crumbled to ash when you gave up the ghost after all these years. The glossy black finish reflected my face back to me. My breath, warm and alive, misted on the surface as I bent over to look upon your face.

“You’re not, Mina.” I gripped the top of my walking stick, ready to draw my blade if needed. “I should have known. A trap then, my old love?”

“You’re getting sloppy in your old age, Dorian,” Mina said, suddenly at my side. She was dressed in modern clothing, a short black dress with go go boots to match. Her hair was long and sleek, cascading over her shoulders. A hint of fangs dimpled her ruby lips.

“Sentimental, perhaps?” I quipped, turning to face her. Unlike Mina I was not dressed in the current Carnaby Street rage of Nerru jackets and bell bottoms. My suit is simple and elegant as always. I reached over and played with the peace symbol hanging from her neck, letting the back of my hand brush her breast, but I don’t dally long enough to feel if her nipple hardened. “When I heard about your passing, Mrs. Harker, I had to see for myself.”

“I was hoping you’d come. It’s been a long time, Dorian.” I loved the sound of her voice, husky and come hither even after a hundred years apart. “You’ve been a hard man to find.”

“So you missed me then?” I ran my thumb over her lower lip, teasing the tip of one little fang.

“I always miss things that are bad for me, and you are so very bad.”

“I pride myself on it.” Tucking her arm through mine, I drew her out of the church besides me. “Shall we have a little drink together? There’s nothing like some debauchery between very old friends.”
Sins of the Flesh

Ashes to Ashes - Dorian Grey

Character: Dorian Grey
Fandom: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 734

“Of course I love you,” he purred against the supple skin at the back of her neck. Dorian kissed his way down the pale creature’s spine. His fingers following along as he stroked her pearly white skin. He pouted as he nibbled along the rise of her ass. The vampire shifted and stretched. His dark eyes looked out over the glittering city in the middle of the Nevada desert that he found himself in. “And I’d do anything for you.”

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It started as Pride, but ended with Lust

I leaned back at my table in the quaint little sidewalk café. I could smell the River Seine mingled with the scent of the abundant roses that filled the planters up and down the street as well as the wonder smell of freshly baked bread. Paris in the spring was a beautiful thing, and even after so many years it really wasn’t all that different. The buildings were older, more cracks in their bricks and mortar. The cobblestones were patched with cement when anyone bothered to patch them at all, covered with an occasional smear of black grease and oil from the cars that darted through looking for some pedestrian of cyclist to run over.

The coffee I was sipping at was dark and bitter. Mina would have said it reminded her of my heart if she was here. I do miss the old girl now and again. I’m sure she’s quite long in the tooth these days. That is if she hasn’t let her conscience talk her into having someone drive a stake through her heart or cut off her head. Always had too much guilt in her, and that was just a damned shame. We could have had so much fun.

But unlike Mina, I liked to play with my food.

I smiled at the girls at the next table. They were so frightfully young, dressed in clothing that would have been deemed scandalous in my time, and if the one bent over one more time to make sure I could see her cleavage, they’d be deemed scandalous in this century too. I had to remember to thank the gods for the flappers, the go go dancers and the mini skirt. I loved nothing better than letting my eyes linger over a girl’s legs. The anticipation of running my hands over them was almost better than the actual touching.

Pride was my downfall, but it was lust that kept me going. Why else would I need to stay young and handsome? It wasn’t to look at myself in the mirror. It was to charm young lovelies like the trio of debutants who were blushing as I met their eyes. As I drained the last of my cup, I got up leaving a much larger bill than I should to pay, and sauntered over to their table. I was dressed like any young man on the town in dark jeans and a open white button down shirt with a dark tank top beneath it.

“Excuse me ladies,” I said knowing my cut glass accent would have the little American girls in a shiver. “I was wondering if I might take you away from all of this for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Which one of us?” the blonde asked with a blush on her cheekbones that was really quite dear.

“Why all of you dear. I have a lovely townhouse not far from here. I promise you’ll be more than safe,” I winked at her as I tilted her face back rubbing my thumb over her glossy lips. I glanced at the pink gloss that was now staining my thumb and slowly licked it off. “Think of the fun I can have tasting the rest of you. All three of you.”